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Featured Stories:

  • CFM Leaders met with other Lay Movements in Pittsburgh to collaborate.
  • Video Training now available in six easy bites
  • Omaha CFM Undie Sunday Service Project collected necessary clothing for shelters in their area.
  • CFM in India reaches out to orphans and elderly.
  • Convocation of Catholic Leaders in Orlando - CFM will be there, July 1-4
  • Spotlight on Members - New Growth in New Jersey, Iowa

Lent at Home - Easy Suggestions for Family Faith

Still looking for something meaningful to do for Lent? Consider: 

1. Giving away at least one thing a day
2. Eating on a Food Stamp budget
3. Creating less waste
4. Cleaning out a drawer a day
5. Buying nothing new
6. Decreasing paper clutter
Click here for details on how to do these and more.

Rolly_Leroux_(2).pngCFM Founder's Work Bore Good Fruits
We remember with gratitude the life and service to families of Rolly Leroux, who passed away recently in Ottawa, Canada. With his wife, Isabelle, Rolly served as international CFM president from 1977-1983.  The Christian Family Movement has since spread to 43 countries with more than 70,000 member families. Visit to explore how CFM continues to Observe, Judge and Act. Learn more about the rich history of CFM on our website.

Training for CFM Leaders: Free Workshops by Video Call, March 2, 9, 216, 2017
Leaders form across the country join in a live video workshop with veteran CFMers John and Lauri Przybysz to explore CFM's mission, recognizing the call to lead, and practical skills for successful meetings. Participants gained ideas for inviting friends to try CFM, coordinating with your parish, managing discussions, including children in actions, and met great people who share our mission for families. The training program will be repeated in September 2017.

CFM Blog Debuts 
Visit CFM's new blog, At Home In Our Faith, to look ahead to the Sunday Gospel Readings and apply your faith to daily family life. All are invited to pass along the Good Word.

New for 2016-17: MEETING JESUS CHANGES EVERYTHINGmeeting_jesus_400_by_600.png

Available as a benefit of your membership. The Gospels tell many stories of people whose lives were changed because they met Jesus. To be Jesus’ disciples, we must meet him for ourselves and come closer to him. Jesus wants us to encounter him in our own lives and in our families. Christian Family Movement members aim to make Jesus our role model for encountering and helping others.

Meeting Jesus Changes Everything, a CFM program guide, invites us to enter into eight Gospel stories and meet Jesus in new and deeper ways. Each chapter offers CFM Action Group participants opportunities for prayer, reflection on the Scripture, and discussion on family topics that lead to action for participating in the mission of Jesus Christ.  See the Table of Contents here.

To become a member, please complete the Join/Renew form.  After you complete the Join/Renew form, you will be asked to donate and select your program book.  Suggested annual donation is $40.  


ICCFM Assembly July 15-17, 2016iccfm16.jpg

CFM-USA will join with the International CFM community in San Antonio, TX this Summer.  CFM-USA encourages our members to join the Assembly which will include:

  • Meeting together to learn and plan future Actions
  • Celebrating mass on Saturday at Holy Spirit parish
  • Dinner, Riverwalk tour and party in the evening
  • Youth program

More details about the conference are here

Winter Board Meeting 2016

The Board of Directors met January 29 – 31, 2016 at Techny Towers Conference and Retreat Center (Chicago, IL) for the Winter Board Meeting.  In group_at_techny.jpgaddition to CFM-USA board members, Fr. Don Conroy participated in the weekend’s meetings and prayers.  Fr. Conroy is the North American Chaplain for the International Confederation of Christian Family Movements.  Friday evening’s discussion included a review of the mid-year Annual Office Report, the President’s Report and planning for the upcoming International CFM Assembly in San Antonio in July 2016.  CFM-USA wants to send delegates from as many parishes as possible.  Members are encouraged to view the website  for more information about the conference.  Please let the office know if you are interested in attending or register on-line. 

Read more about the board meeting here.  Learn about what it means to serve on the Board of Directors here.

CFM Blessed by Pope Francis Visit

Meeting of Families
By CFM USA Executive Director, Rosemary Piraino.
Many CFM families attended the World Meeting of Families and the Papal Visit to Philadelphia. My husband and I brought our five kids and met up with extended family and CFM couples in downtown Philadelphia. It was a wonderful gathering of Spirit-filled Catholics from throughout the world. So many people made long journeys with hopes of catching a glimpse of Papa. "We love you, Papa!" the people around me cried out as he passed by. Pope Francis inspires all of us to Act with love and compassion. During his Sunday homily, he talked about life within the family. We have so many opportunities to choose to show love in the "little gestures" and daily actions. He mentioned actions like "the early lunch awaiting someone who gets up early to go to work" and "blessings before we go to bed". He encourages us to choose to Act in loving ways instead of ways that contribute to the brokenness in the world. Our Papa loves each one of us and has great confidence in our ability to love each other. Here is a link to his homily.


CFM in Rome-January 2015

Lauri and John Przybysz, CFM-USA board members, participated in an international conference of lay organizations and movements for the Pontifical Council for the Family, January 22-24, 2015 in Rome. They represented the Christian Family Movements in USA and Canada, which have more than 8,000 Hispanic and English families. Przybyszs shared the input of the CFM movement on the preparatory document for the Synod on the Family, and responded to the questions of how to help families come closer to Christ and to each other. The upcoming Oct. 4-25, 2015 Synod will be a gathering of bishops and many clergy and lay delegates from around the world to discuss the theme: "The vocation and mission of the family in the church and the modern world." The Synod is an extensive listening and discussion process for the Church, so that everyone will have a better idea of how to share the teaching of Jesus in an effective and compassionate way. To learn more about a Hispanic CFM movement in the USA and Canada, visit


CFM Summer 2015 Board Meeting

Members of the CFM-USA board of directors met in Maryland for the Summer Board Meeting on June 24-26, 2015. The CFM Board welcomed seven new members on Saturday, June 26 at the Summer Board Meeting in Millersville, MD. 23 members from across the country came together for the bi-annual in-person meeting...


Be a Light to the World: Christian Families Engage the Culture, 2015-2016 CFM Program Guide 

Be a Light to the World
Be A Light to the World includes 8 meetings for adults, optional activities to use if children attend, and discussion questions to share with the whole family at home. Seeking to help Christian families live in the world without succumbing to its values, this program guides Christian families, as they serve as disciples, bringing Jesus’s message of love and light to a society that often seems lost in the dark. Groups will explore topics such as evangelization, addiction, forgiveness and the contemporary definitions of family. PLEASE NOTE: This book is recommended for established groups. Consider For Happier Families if you are just getting started in CFM.

To obtain a copy of this program guide or any of our other guides, click here to join CFM or renew an existing membership. As a benefit of your membership in CFM, you will receive a copy of a program guide and the bi-monthly ACT e-newsletter. On the membership form, members may also sign up to receive Marriage Moments and/or Parenting Pointers, short weekly emails providing messages of support and encouragement for married couples and/or parents, respectively.


The Grand Adventure: A New Call to Grandparenting Program Book 

The Grand Adventure
The Grand Adventure: A New Call to Grandparenting is a six-Meeting Grandparenting Program written by Deacon Gary and Kay Aitchison, past Executive Directors and current International CFM Presidents. The Grand Adventure was created in response to an observed need in today's society to make better use of the grandparenting connection in family life...

CFM and NACFLM nacflm.jpg

CFM is a member of the National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers (NACFLM), which provides resources for marriage and family life ministry...




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