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CFM’s meeting materials are referred to as program books, and these books are the "heart" of CFM. Through the use of these books, our members' meetings are guided through the Observe, Judge and Act process. CFM offers a variety of materials to meet the needs of our members. Many are available as hardcopy booklets, while others are available digitally in the form of a PDF file sent via email. There is no additional charge to members for us of CFM digital programs. We hope to provide flexibility for our members to meet the unique interests and needs of their local group. Below is a listing of the materials currently available. Your CFM group can choose to use any hardcopy and/or digital program book for your membership year. Your choice of membership materials (program books) is a benefit of your annual membership in CFM. Members who would like additional copies of the program books may purchase them at $10 each.

Every publication, hardcopy or digital, is copyrighted material owned by the Christian Family Movement-USA. Unauthorized duplication is not permitted.


New for 2016-17: MEETING JESUS CHANGES EVERYTHINGmeeting_jesus_400_by_600.png

The Gospels tell many stories of people whose lives were changed because they met Jesus. To be Jesus’ disciples, we must meet him for ourselves and come closer to him. Jesus wants us to encounter him in our own lives and in our families. Christian Family Movement members aim to make Jesus our role model for encountering and helping others.

Meeting Jesus Changes Everything, a CFM program guide, invites us to enter into eight Gospel stories and meet Jesus in new and deeper ways. Each chapter offers CFM Action Group participants opportunities for prayer, reflection on the Scripture, and discussion on family topics that lead to action for participating in the mission of Jesus Christ.  See the Table of Contents here.




The book invites families to grow in faith by putting Christian love into action as mercy-workers using the Observe-Judge-Act method. Each chapter addresses one or more of the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy through prayer, Scripture reflection and social inquiry. In the course of the social inquiry, families observe their experiences and the experiences of their neighbors, far and near. Then, judge these experiences in light of Christ’s teaching. Actions are suggested which put our faith to work transforming homes, parishes, and communities through love, service, education, and example. It is in confronting seemingly overwhelming problems such as hunger and homelessness, in reaching out to those who are experiencing doubt, and in offering our prayers for others that we answer our call to Christian discipleship. And, it is in the everyday acts of love within our homes, neighborhoods, and churches that we are mercy-workers. We put our faith into practice by answering a child’s call for a drink in the middle of the night, comforting a grieving neighbor, or donating clothing to a family dealing with the consequences of a devastating fire. This book will challenge and support families striving to live the Gospel every day responding with Works of Mercy, Acts of Love. Click here for the Table of Contents.

Click here for Chapter 1, "Instruct the Ignorant, Counsel the Doubtful".

Click here for a Chapter 10, "Admonish the Sinner".

The CFM Program Committee revised the following chapters in 2016.  They have updated Social Inquiries.

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 6

Chapter 8

Bonus Chapter 10



Challenging topics recommended for established groups

Seeking to help Christian families live in the world without succumbing to its values, this program guides Christian families, as they serve as disciples, bringing Jesus’s message of love and light to a society that often seems lost in the dark. Groups will explore topics such as evangelization, addiction, forgiveness and the contemporary definitions of family. Be a Light to the World includes 8 meetings for adults, optional activities to use if children attend, and discussion questions to share with the whole family at home. Click here for the Table of Contents.




For Happier Families is the foundational book of the Christian Family Movement, a network of local action groups united in becoming missionary disciples of Jesus Christ in the context of their ordinary family lives. Participants consider, pray, discuss, and plan to take concrete action on ways that couples, families, and individuals can participate in bringing the light of faith to their families, parishes, and communities. For Happier Families includes 8 meetings for adults, optional activities to use if children attend, and discussion questions to share with the whole family at home. Click here for the Table of Contents.



OUR MARRIAGE...A WORK IN PROGRESSmarriage_work_in_progress.jpg

This is a four meeting marriage enrichment mini-series which includes prayer, scripture, discussion and reflection on some of the areas of marriage that need ongoing time and effort. Couples will explore ways to Make Conversation a Priority, Take Time for Your Marriage, Evaluate Your Money Management, and Energize Your Relationship.

Available only as a PDF file. Click here for the Table of Contents.




Our Marriage...A Spiritual Journey is a four-meeting miniseries which focuses on the spiritual journey of the couple from making vows and understanding the concept of covenant, to couple spirituality, to extending your spirituality to your children, to sharing the love you have to others outside the immediate family.

Available only as a PDF file. Click here for the Table of Contents.




In this book, participants in small groups prayerfully explore their response to our loving God, the source of every blessing. Couples, families and individuals put their faith into action as they answer the dual call to be disciples of Christ and stewards of God's gifts. We Hold These Treasures is an eight-meeting printed program guide. Click here for the Table of Contents.






This miniseries consists of 5 meetings designed for married couples that also address their vocation as parents. The five meetings are based on Catholic teaching on marriage and research in marriage and parenting skills. Each meeting focuses on a distinct topic aimed at engaging the couples in the life of faith rooted in baptism and expressed in action. Couples learn how their skills as parents can also help their marriages—and their skills at marriage will help their parenting.

Available only as a PDF file.


  • Virtues for Happier Families
  • Love and Communication
  • Respecting Differences
  • Sacramental Foundations
  • Prayer in the Home



This 3 meeting miniseries focuses on how to place our technological tools in their proper place. Meetings examine the effects of new technologies (including mobile devices) on our prayer life and important relationships; how to integrate social media into our lives while protecting our intimacy, privacy, and our marriages; and how to guide our children through the challenges they face because of their hyperconnectedness.

Available only as a PDF file.


  • Finding Solitude & Giving Our Full Attention in a Networked World
  • Privacy & Intimacy: Your Marriage & Social Media
  • Connectivity & Our Children



The Acts of the Apostles in the New Testament tells the story of how the first Christians practiced discipleship. We who follow Jesus today are also called to be his witnesses "not only in Jerusalem but throughout Judea and Samaria, and indeed to the ends of the earth." What "Book of Acts" will we Christian families write today? How will we participate in the mission of Jesus? Acting on Faith is a CFM inquiry on the Acts of the Apostles that features eight regular CFM meeting plans, plus a special children's program on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Click here for the Table of Contents.





Through baptism, we have become part of the "Communion of Saints," the unity of believers who form the body of Christ. We believe that those who have gone before us in the light of faith continue to care about us and pray for us, as they stand now in the presence of our loving God. In this 10-meeting Christian Family Movement inquiry program, you will get to know some of these "friends of the family. By following their examples of prayer and self-sacrifice, may you discern your gifts and use them for God in your everyday life, thus taking your place in the body of Christ. Click here for the Table of Contents.




The Grand Adventure: A New Call to Grandparenting is a six-Meeting Grandparenting Program written by Deacon Gary and Kay Aitchison, past Executive Directors and current International CFM Presidents. The Grand Adventure was created in response to an observed need in today's society to make better use of the grandparenting connection in family life. The program was inspired by and modeled from the many dynamic and committed grandparents who share their time, talent, gifts and charisms with their grandchildren. Use with your CFM group or host a new group as a parish action. Click here for the Table of Contents.

Available only as a PDF file.

Try Chapter One free by clicking here.  (288kb) To receive Chapters 2-6, please contact the CFM National Office. Click here to join CFM.


CALLED TO WISDOMcallwsdm.jpg

A new series of meeting chapters are now being written for groups in the second half of family life. "Called to Wisdom" facilitates Observing, Judging, and Acting for mature CFM groups. These special meetings are a benefit of membership in CFM-USA. Members, please contact the CFM National Office to receive "Called to Wisdom" chapters as a PDF file by email.

Now available:

  • The Empty Nest: Where Have All the Children Gone?
  • For Better or Worse, but not for Lunch: If Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder, What about Presence?
  • Opportunities for Service: Closed Doors and Open Windows
  • In Sickness and in Health: Restructuring Dreams
  • For everything there is a Season: Facing our Diminished Selves Together
  • For Richer, For Poorer: Starting from Now
  • Under One Roof: All Grown Up and Living Together



Healthy marriages are good for children, families, and society as a whole, but marriage as an institution is struggling. At stake is more than the happiness of any particular couple. The Church, the government, professional counselors and educators have launched initiatives and programs to improve marriage, but everyday Christians also have a responsibility to act. Anyone—married, single, or single again—can Observe, Judge and Act for the future of marriage and family life. Marriage Makes a Difference will guide groups to promote healthy and holy marriage for the good of this generation and those to come. This book will look at marriage in contemporary American society, help us reflect on what makes marriage healthy and holy, and discover ways to encourage anyone who has made a commitment to live this vocation. Click here for the Table of Contents.

Note: To give you a "taste" of this book, we have put a chapter for you to view or download:

Click here to view Chapter 3


FAMILIES CHOOSE LIFEfamchooselife.jpg

"Families Choose Life" because it is the way to happiness, health, love and justice. Christ calls every family, at whatever age or stage of development, to follow his way and make a difference in the neighborhood, parish, school and workplace. Individual families can create a network of support that helps them pass on their faith to the next generation, strengthen their marriages and families, and transform their society. This 10-meeting CFM program book invites families to join the Christian Family Movement in spreading the Gospel of Life. Click here for the Table of Contents.




COMING OF AGEcomofage.jpg

These five meetings deal with the issues of relationship that challenge us in the second half of life: our identity as we move beyond parenting, our relationship with each other as couples, with our parents as they age, with our children's children, and with all the issues that come as we transition out of the workforce.

Available only as a PDF file.

Click here for a preview of Chapter 1.





"What a beautiful baby!" said a visitor. "Thank you!” said the proud father. "We made her ourselves." With God, of course, we would add. We know where babies come from. But where do disciples come from? We make them ourselves. With the help of God, of course, and the believing community. Homemade Disciples guides CFM families to see themselves as domestic church described in the Christian tradition. This book features ten meetings that discover the ways families act as a "church of the home." Each meeting contains an additional activity suitable for adults and children. Click here for the Table of Contents. Limited quantities available.




The teachings of the Catholic Church over the last one hundred years have stressed the responsibility of lay Christians to build a more just society. Building a Better World explores these concepts in the context of family life. The three key areas of the Church's teaching are emphasized: the dignity of the human person and common good, solidarity and concern for the poor, and stewardship. Three of meetings are intergenerational and experiential. Click here for the Table of Contents. Limited quantities available.


Guidance for group leaders can be found here.  Action ideas for groups are here. Click here for the background guide for Building a Better World.


SEASONS OF THE SPIRITseasonsofspirit.jpg

This program celebrates the seasons of life. The book is composed of 13 chapters which are divided into the four seasons of the year. Each meeting focuses on a specific time or occasion. The chapters are written for adult use, however each chapter has either a family component or a children's supplement, so that children may be involved in the meetings. Click here for the Table of Contents. Limited quantities available.


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