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playground.jpgYour Actions are an essential part of the Movement.  Please tell what you do to put your faith in action.  Your story may be featured on our website or in a future news feature.  Pictures help tell the story.  So, in addition to writing a few lines here, please send a group picture to

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  • Our group just recently met to discuss Chapter 2 from “Loving the Family God Gives Us”, and we have a recommended act not listed in the program book. Our recommendation is for wives and children (if old enough) write letters to their husbands/fathers to tell the father how much he is appreciated as a father and how they see Christ in that father. Then, for Chapter 3, which is covering mothers, we recommend that the roles be reversed to write letters of appreciation to the mothers. We rarely tell our spouses how much we appreciate them, even if we think it, or we just take them for granted; so this is a golden opportunity to let them know how much they are appreciated and write the letter not just as a spouse or child but as it is a love letter from Christ to that person. Thank you CFM-USA for giving us this opportunity to reflect on how important fathers and mothers are, each with their distinct role, in our families! May God bless all of you in this beautiful ministry, and through the intercession of the Holy Spirit let’s keep this movement growing and evangelize our families, our parishes, our communities, and our nation!!! Peace, Brigid & Jason Smith (P.S. please comment on this suggestion! ….keep it going!)
  • Share Your Act
  • Our St. Bernard’s CFM group delivered over 1600 items of underwear and socks to local shelters this week. These were collected in our annual “Undie Sunday” collection. We have been doing this annually for about 25 years. This action came from a previous CFM meeting using the book on the spiritual and corporal works of mercy. I think it was called Love in Action. Now we are ready to renew our energy around the works of mercy thanks to Pope Francis!
  • The Our Lady of the Fields CFM partnered with the Holy Name Society to host a Valentines’ Dinner and Dance for the benefit of the parish. Couples had the opportunity to renew their wedding vows at the parish Mass, then enjoyed a romantic evening in the parish hall. The CFM couples invited their friends and neighbors to come to the party, with all the couples becoming a living witness to the power of married love.
  • Many years ago at a CFM meeting someone suggested that we make valentines for the shut-ins and people in retirement and nursing homes in our parish. The group thought that would be a fun activity that would bring a smile to people and let them know we hadn’t forgotten them. As we talked we decided to include children at a special needs school within our parish boundaries. We gathered for an evening with paper, markers, valentine stickers, etc. We made lots of valentines, ordered pizza to “keep up our strength” and produced many valentines. Some were almost professional-looking and others “not so much” but they were all made with love! Now, many years later, we are still making valentines every year. The people in the group have changed over the years (except for us) but we still are bringing some “Valentine Love” to about 120 people a year! Often we here from the person who received one or from one of their family members how much it meant that they were remembered! Happy Valentine’s Day!