Leader Guides for CFM Program Books

A Program Leader Guide is written to assist leaders in facilitating the meetings by giving them extra supplemental resources or ideas the author had while writing the chapter that might enrich the meeting. The leader guide is not intended to provide "the answers," though, since members are practicing Observe-Judge-ACT -- finding their own information and asking new questions then acting to make a difference. 
Look for the BLUE Text:
• Explains why the Scripture passage was chosen and provides a short summary/paraphrase of reading and includes historical background, and theological definitions, as needed
• Suggests possible responses to the Scripture Reflection, Observe, and Judge questions, to promote conversation.
• Paraphrases the Social Inquiry material for the leader, provides relevant background information, current statistics, and definitions of words, if necessary. 
• Points out possible ways the conversation might get off track and suggests ways to get back to the theme of the meeting.
• Adds additional reference material that may facilitate the discussion. 

Together for Good
Download Together for Good Leader Guide here.

Embracing the Mission
Download Chapters 1-8, Embracing the Mission Leader Guide.

You may also download this Leader Guide for each individual meeting:

1. Called to Be Disciples: 
     Living, professing and bearing witness to our faith 
2. Forming Our Families to Be Disciples: 
    Following our calling as Domestic Church
3. The Everyday Vocation of the Lay Disciple: 
    Becoming missionaries and catechists by and in our laboring life
4. Transforming Discipleship through Education and Action:
   Clarifying the mission through Observe, Judge, Ac
5. The Disciple’s Call to Serve: 
    Learning to help one another with love and discernment
6. Disciples as Forgiven Forgivers: 
    Renewal through repentance, remembrance, and reconciliation
7. Solidarity: The Global Dimension of Discipleship: 
    Engaging the world outside our immediate community
8. Called to Be Disciples, Together with Other Families: 
    Nurturing our CFM community and helping it to grow

For Happier Families
Download Leader Guide here.

Meeting Jesus Changes Everything
Download Leader Guide here.

Walking Together: Brothers and Sisters Responding to Racism
Download leader guide here.