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CFM offers these timely social inquiry meetings to everyone for free download. You will find simple directions for meeting as a small group and more about CFM here. 


Overcoming Racism
-In Light of Events in 2020 - PDF file

Responding to Racism: Walking Together - three related meetings.PDF file
- Opening Hearts
- Seeking Peace
- Witnessing Love

Applying the CFM Social Inquiry Method to the Covid Pandemic: 

- Sabbath-keeping in times of Covid and beyond - PDF file

- Responding with Faith to Covid-19 Health Emergency - PDF file

- Recovering from Crisis Mode - PDF file

- Responding to the Needs of All Americans - PDF file

- Growing through Suffering - PDF file

- Live without Fear - PDF file

Thanks and Giving -  PDF file

Seeing God's Action Everywhere: Create your own meeting on a current event-  PDF file

Every Life is Precious - PDF file

Family and Community Meetings - Plans for 3 Intergenerational Gatherings
- Working Together
- Hunger Banquet
- Caring for Creation Picnic

Gifts of the Holy Spirit - 8 Short Activities for Parish Gatherings and Recruitment

More Special Meetings

  • Make Conversation a Priority - PDF file. Try a CFM meeting. Includes Instructions.

  • Baptism Preparation Parents ReflectionPDF file.

  • Justice for Immigrants - PDF file.

CFM Program Archives

The Christian Family Movement is unique in providing discussion guides on current topics that people deal with every day and are friendly to men and women, single and married, divorced and widowed, churched and unchurched. We are constantly creating new materials and have topics that are of concern to families today. In addition to our recent, hot off the press discussion material, we offer a library of topics of relevance from our archives. Because of our large library of topics we are not able to update all of our archived topics.

These archived materials can be used as a springboard for discussion. Many human experiences are as relevant today as they were when they were written. As always, CFM recommends that members bring in their personal experience and current happenings through the Observes and discuss what their response might be in the Acts. Please be aware that the format of these archived materials will not be as user friendly. We hope that our catalog of materials will enrich your small group experience. 

Intentional Christian Families kidsgroup2.jpg

Homemade Disciples

Building a Better World

Your Marriage, the Great Adventure

Living the Jubilee

Seasons of the Spirit

Christian Families: Into the New Millennium

The Gifted Family

Taking the Time to Make a Difference

Prayer Services/Cards

  1. Prayer Card (4 on a sheet) for the Domestic Church: PDF file.
  2. Special Prayer Service to commemorate those in our families who have died. Originally used on All Souls Day, 2001:  PDF file.
  3. Special Blessing to commemorate the Feast of the Holy Family:   PDF file.
  4. Lenten Reflection to share at a CFM meeting:  PDF file.
  5. Advent weekly family prayers and Advent Wreath prayers:  PDF file.
  6. Advent prayer service:  PDF file.
  7. Peace prayer service:  PDF file.
  8. Faith in the home prayer service:  PDF file.
  9. Doers of the Word prayer service:  PDF file.
  10. People of Promise prayer service:  PDF file.

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Educational Activities

  1. Special Family Vocations Flyer from NACFLM: PDF file (122kb).
  2. Special Family Intimacy Flyer from NACFLM: PDF file (100kb).
  3. Special Using the Media Flyer from NACFLM: PDF file (61kb). 
  4. Special Celebrate Success in the Family Flyer from NACFLM:  PDF file (124kb).
  5. Family Rituals Flyer from NACFLM:  PDF file (48kb).

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