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Annual dues are $40/family. CFM is a 501(3)(c) not-for-profit organization. All donations are appreciated and are tax deductible.

* A paper form is also available to print and mail along with a check for your dues. If you are a group leader, donating for multiple families, please use this spreadsheet to send us a list of your members. We will make sure they are in our system as "Active Members." Send to [email protected].

Thank you! Your family has experienced the gift of CFM and you want to continue as active members of the MOVEMENT.  Your annual dues sustain your membership in a world-wide family of missionary disciples and supports the mission of Christian Family Movement.

Who's donating

Bob & Maria Galles
Julie Dreyer
Dan and Corinne Dineen
Jan and Chuck Rogers
Richard and Gaye Mandt
Tom & Mary Russett
Clare Kolevar
Tom and Joanne Wawra
Mike & Sue Sandahl
Karen and Michael Jackson Burnard
Diana and Adam Roth
Charlene and Anthony Labriola
Tom and Marilyn Birkelo
Andrea McGill
Kathy & John Bayer
Ann Marie and Corrie Brown
Mary Beth Nilles
John Harburg
Kathryn Sarnecki
Polly Rupp
Nancy Currigan
Elaine Fitzgerald
Todd and Jessica Moilanen
robert Palazzolo
Sheryl Havermann
Tom and Vicki Schmitz
Linda Nuccio
Dina Fox
Amanda Laatsch
Ann and Ben Bouchard
Donating members choose one program book per year .