IMG_20150926_161701.jpgChristian Family Movement (CFM) helps establish and support small discipleship groups for couples and families. CFM discussion 
guides bring topics that families deal with every day into a Christian, faith-based discussion.  Discipleship is accomplished through teaching one to use the methodology of observe, judge, act in their daily lives - observing the situations around us, judging them in the light of Christ’s teaching and acting to make a difference. CFM is a life-changing ministry for families of all shapes, sizes and stages. #CFMACT

Cardijn_color.jpgLay Movements as Structures of Grace:
The Legacy of Cardinal Joseph Cardijn, the See-Judge-Act Method, and Catholic Action in the Americas

July 6-8, 2018 at Mount St. Joseph College, Cincinnati, OH -  Flyer

The Christian Family Movement is proud to be a sponsor at this scholarly conference focusing on the life and work of the church leader who inspired our formation as a movement. Read more about the history of CFM here.

* Registration for the conference and more information: https://lay-movements-structures-grace.blogspot.com.au 

Complete Faith Formation Program from CFM

Begin with an Introduction to CFM in For Happier Families. Next, start a 3-year series to explore how we live our faith and become missionary disciples of Jesus Christ at home, in our families, and in the Church and society. Titles in the series, which can be used in any order or in combination with other CFM digital materials (click the link for the Table of Contents):

Learn more about the Christian Family Movement's Faith Formation Series and more program materials -topics for groups of any age and stage of life!


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