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Helping HandsStatement from the President Couple:
"Racism, in any form, is in direct opposition to our call to follow Christ and we stand against this injustice. We commit ourselves to working for peace and justice and pray for national reconciliation." Read the full statement.

Overcoming Racism: A new Social Inquiry focusing on racial justice in society. Free Download.

Responding to Racism: Walking Together as Brothers and Sisters:
Three more Social Inquiry Meetings for discussion and action. Free download. Gather a group - online or in person - to  Observe, Judge and Act.

Meeting Directions for holding a CFM-style social inquiry meeting to continue to process current issues and discern how to make a difference at home, at church, and in society.

Responding in Faith to the Covid-19 Health Emergency Depositphotos_13655177_m-2015-earth.jpg

Covid-related social inquiry meetings are posted here, including Recovering from Crisis Mode and Responding to the Needs of All Americans and more.

Action: Join us in praying the Our Father at 8:30 pm wherever you are, for the health and safety of all people.

The Christian Family Movement-USA is a national network of small groups of Catholics and their families. Members of all faith traditions are welcome. Pittsburgh_Picnic_2.jpeg

CFM builds community, strengthens families and builds a parish into a family of families. Individuals, couples and extended families of all ages and stages grow in discipleship through learning to live the methodology of observe, judge, and act

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The Christian Family Movement-USA is a member of the ICCFM_logo.jpg
International Confederation of Christian Family Movements 

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