Are you seeking a steady path to come through today's challenges with your faith and family intact?
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  • As Christians, we value our faith and wonder how to pass it on to our children.
  • The world seems to be changing at an ever-increasing pace with a multitude of things vying for our attention.
  • The weight of responsibilities has left us feeling stressed, isolated, and alone.

You realize that you need others in the journey of faith, not only for yourself but for every member of your family.

  • Even though we want to pass on the faith to the next generation, it can be hard because we feel ill-equipped.
  • We desire community where we can learn from and share life with others.
  • In modern society it’s hard to find families that provide spiritual and practical support for one another. Where can we begin?

The Christian Family Movement creates thriving Christian community.



  • A place where the faith is passed on because it is lived authentically!
  • A place for friends, family, and neighbors to enjoy faith-centered conversation, socializing, and service opportunities.
  • A place to be intentional about the important things in your life.
  • A Christian community that provides support for each other, life to the parish, Christ to the community, and a catalyst for Christian influence in society.

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CFM enriches the lives of every member of your family and helps them put their faith into practice.

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