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You believe in the mission.  Please prayerfully consider how you can support CFM and choose one of the options below.  grandparents
Your annual dues will effectively renew your membership for 1 year. 

Why Membership Matters
Remember, everyone is welcome to join CFM and funds should not be a barrier to joining. 

Order Program Books - print and digital - after joining CFM:

Renewing Member - $40/family

"I'm committed to CFM.  Please accept my annual contribution to the movement."

New Member - $10/family 

"I want to see what CFM is about this year." 

Contribute additional support to CFM at one of the following donation levels. Giving_Levels_gifts_image_2.jpg
Your donation will effectively renew your membership in CFM.

Sponsor - $80 suggested 

"I want to donate on behalf of my neighbors who benefit from CFM." 

Recurring Donation

"I want to ensure CFM continues for generations.  Please sign me up for $__ per month." 

One-time Donation

"Please use my gift to support large projects..."

CFM Foundation

"I want to help CFM to permanently sustain itself for future generations."