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CFM_group_in_San_Diego.jpgThe Christian Family Movement strives to equip families to intentionally address the concerns facing families in modern society, to help them discover ways to grow in holiness themselves and as families, and, ultimately, to bring the  light of Christ into their environments.

The primary objectives of CFM are the Christian formation of its members through repeated small acts of service and the constant effort to extend one's influence. To effect change in one's life and one’s environment even in very little ways, creates "training-through-action" which is at the heart of the movement.

Through the Jocist Method of social inquiry (observe, judge, act) pioneered by Servant of God Cardinal Joseph Cardijn, CFM members are empowered to transform their good intentions into actions.

Strengthening one of Christian families' greatest resources: each other!  CFM in the news - Rome Reports!

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The Mission of the Christian Family Movement is...

to promote Christ-centered marriage and family life

to help individuals and their families to live the Christian faith in everyday life; and

to improve society through actions of love, service, education and example.


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