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Strengthening one of Christian families' greatest resources: each other! 

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CFM helps young families build community.   - Diana from Queen of the Holy Rosary- Wea


CFM is great for empty nesters too!  - CFMers from Queen of the Holy Rosary- Wea


Why Join CFM? - Ryan and Julie tell their story


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Enriching Marriage and Family Life - Tiffany and Ian 

CFM Builds Our Faith - Chelsea

Sarah and Mark Tell the Joy of CFM

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El Paso Group

John and Phoebe, Lady's Island, SC
CFM is more than monthly get-togethers. It’s unique in that people come together as strangers and grow together as families of all sizes sharing thoughts on world views, strengthening commitments to each other, the church, and supporting each other in good times and bad. We are blessed to be a part of it!

Jan and Chuck, Cape Cod, MA
CFM helped us raise our family.  We learned how to work together as a married couple, how to parent our children and how to pass along Christian social justice thinking in our children. We now see the fruits of our CFM experience in their life choices as adults.  Thank you CFM!

Steve and Pam, Ann Arbor, MI
The small group setting of CFM helped us connect with individuals in our parish. CFM demonstrated real Christian action in our small monthly actions as well as seeing some of those actions turn into something bigger like Hope Clinic. CFM provided support from other families to let me know I am not the only one trying to raise my family this way. Mostly I shorthand CFM as "How to raise G-rated children in an R-rated world."


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