CFM occasionally produces videos and posts them on YouTube©.

Interview with Deacon Jim Miles of Ann Arbor, MI

Please watch an 2.5 minute video of some thoughts on the benefits of CFM from Deacon Jim.

Press the arrow in the middle of the video window to activate the controls. Then press the arrow at the lower left corner of the video window to start the video. To pause, press the double bar icon that appears in the lower left corner when the video is playing. A volume control (the speaker icon) is in the lower right corner.

CFM Kickoff

Please watch an 2 minute video on CFM, what it is, and why you should get involved.

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CFM Overview!

Please watch an 4.5 minute video on CFM.

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Introduction to CFM!

Please watch an 5.5 minute video on CFM. It is a shorter version of the Welcome to CFM video.

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Welcome to CFM!

Please watch an 8 minute video on CFM. Various members of CFM groups talk about what CFM has done for them.

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Interview with CFM National Spiritual Director, Fr. Tom Rzepiela

Please watch an 2.25 minute video of Spiritual Director Fr. Tom on the value of CFM for parish life.

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Interview with North American CFM Chaplain Fr. Don Conroy

Please watch an 3.5 minute video of some thoughts on CFM from Fr. Don.

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US Bishops Discuss at Planning Meeting

Please watch a 3.5 minute video where the US Council of Catholic Bishops discuss pastoral priorities, including CFM.

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CFM World Assembly in Fatima

Please watch a 2.5 minute video on the sites surrounding the 2007 World Assembly in Portugal.

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CFM Camping Trip

Please watch a 4 minute video as our President's CFM group camps in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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Other CFM Videos

Click here to go to the CFMTube page on YouTube©.

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