What CFM Is 

CFM is a network of small groups of Catholics/Christians and their families that gather for the purpose of Christian family discipleship.
CFM produces social inquiries on topics that families deal with every day and helps bring them into a Christian faith-based discussion. Time spent in discussion, socializing, and service builds families into a community providing support for each other, life to the parish, Christ to the community, and a catalyst for Christian influence in society.

Frequently Asked Questions

National Chaplain Explains the CFM Method 

Learn more about starting CFM in your parish.

The Mission of the Christian Family Movement is

  • to promote Christ-centered marriage and family life
  • to help individuals and their families to live the Christian faith in everyday life; and
  • to improve society through actions of love, service, education and example.

Benefits of CFM

  • CFM makes lasting friends 
  • CFM helps couples stay married 
  • CFM supports family life
  • CFM helps members grow in faith
  • CFM helps members get involved in the community
  • CFM makes members aware of the issues facing the community



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