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To introduce you to CFM, we have special topic meetings for you to view or download:

  1. Baptism Preparation


  2. Justice for Immigrants



Prayer Services/Cards

  1. Prayer Card (4 on a sheet) for the Domestic Church: PDF file.
  2. Special Prayer Service to commemorate those in our families who have died. Originally used on All Souls Day, 2001:  PDF file.
  3. Special Blessing to commemorate the Feast of the Holy Family:   PDF file.
  4. Lenten Reflection to share at a CFM meeting:  PDF file.
  5. Advent weekly family prayers and Advent Wreath prayers:  PDF file.
  6. Advent prayer service:  PDF file.
  7. Peace prayer service:  PDF file.
  8. Faith in the home prayer service:  PDF file.
  9. Doers of the Word prayer service:  PDF file.
  10. People of Promise prayer service:  PDF file.


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Other Information

  1. Special Family Vocations Flyer from NACFLM: PDF file (122kb).
  2. Special Family Intimacy Flyer from NACFLM: PDF file (100kb).
  3. Special Using the Media Flyer from NACFLM: PDF file (61kb). 
  4. Special Celebrate Success in the Family Flyer from NACFLM:  PDF file (124kb).
  5. Family Rituals Flyer from NACFLM:  PDF file (48kb).

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