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CFM USA National Office Lauri_2013.jpg
PO Box 1477
Severna Park, Maryland 21146

Email [email protected]

Executive Director  
Lauri Przybysz, D.Min.

CFM-USA Officers and National Board

CFM-USA is governed by a national board of directors which includes the national officers, the executive directors and leaders from across the United States. 

Nominations for Board of Director positions are discussed at the Winter Board Meeting and two-year terms of service begin June 1.
Board of Directors Job Description  Please contact the Vice-President Couple at [email protected] if you are interested in serving CFM as a board member or area ambassador or for more information about spreading CFM.


President 20170721_faith_magazine_ann_arbor_thelens_0035.jpg
Brian and Mary Ann Thelen
Ann Arbor, Michigan
[email protected]





Spiritual DirectorFr._Louis_Golamari_2.jpg
Fr. Louis Golamari
Oshkosh, Wisconsin
[email protected]




Vice President tirone.jpg
Sam and Juliette Tirone
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
[email protected]





Past-President poprac.jpg
John and Mary Poprac
Torrance, California
[email protected]






Brad and Sally Shewmon
Arlington Hgts., Illinois

[email protected]




Rick and Sandy Hoenig
Winterset, Iowa
[email protected]






Eugene and Linda Nuccio        Nuccio
Broomfield, Colorado
[email protected]





Joe and Miriam Nebres Nebres.jpg
Redondo Beach, California
[email protected]





John and Lauri Przybyszprzybysz.jpg
Severna Park, Maryland
[email protected]






Jerry and Ronnie Brennan
Jerry_Ronnie_Brennan.jpgBrighton, Michigan
[email protected]





Steve and Donna McCullough
Omaha, Nebraska
[email protected]










International CFM


John and Lauri Przybysz
Severna Park, Maryland
[email protected]