IMG_20150926_161701.jpgChristian Family Movement (CFM) helps establish and support small discipleship groups for couples and families. CFM discussion 
guides bring topics that families deal with every day into a Christian, faith-based discussion.  Discipleship is accomplished through teaching one to use the methodology of observe, judge, act in their daily lives - observing the situations around us, judging them in the light of Christ’s teaching and acting to make a difference. CFM is a life-changing ministry for families of all shapes, sizes and stages. #CFMACT


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  • This looks great. Easy to navigate and see all our great stuff. Love all the pictures and the inclusion of leader materials in the materials menu. Thanks for posting the 2016 Convention info! We’ll be able to link to registration and the ICCFM site when it is up later this month. Hope this goes live in time for me to show the DRE I am meeting on Jan 20.