IMG_20150926_161701.jpgChristian Family Movement (CFM) helps establish and support small discipleship groups for couples and families. CFM discussion 
guides bring topics that families deal with every day into a Christian, faith-based discussion.  Discipleship is accomplished through teaching one to use the methodology of observe, judge, act in their daily lives - observing the situations around us, judging them in the light of Christ’s teaching and acting to make a difference. CFM is a life-changing ministry for families of all shapes, sizes and stages. #CFMACT

2017_cover_image.jpgNEW PROGRAM

AVAILABLE July 1 as a benefit of your 2017-18 membership in the Christian Family Movement! 

God has allowed the human family to be an image of the Trinity, and in that reality, is a great gift and a great responsibility. We must protect and nurture the human portrayal of God himself. Loving the Family God Gives Us will serve as a guide for reflection in our family relationships, being created by God, being the child of a father, being the child of a mother, loving our brothers and sisters, and the blessings of our vocations, and our extended family. See more here.

Many more program materials are available--topics for any group!





The Christian Family Movement is a member of the 
International Confederation of Christian Family Movements 

See the latest news of CFM around the world in the 2017 edition of LINK/LAZO newsletter.

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  • What an amazing movement! My family is Christian and I am SO happy to see this because I have become so disconnected from Christianity in the past year due to the stress of life! I need to go back to church. I absolutely need to get back into it, I have been so stressed out!! I love how digestable you guys make this. Perfect. Thank you so much for reinspiring me!
  • You know CFM in England?
  • Hi. My husband and I are former presidents of CFM. We are working on down sizing our home and plan to move from Virginia to Cape Cod MA this fall. We also ran a number of Covenent Weekends in VA, NY and with Fr Don Conroy in PA We still have some program books from our years of promoting CFM
    I would gladly send you what we gave if you would like them.
    CFM was our works for many years and helped us raise our wonderful family.
    We were learned how to work together as a married couple, how to parent our children and how to pass along christain social justice thinking in our children. We now see the fruits of our CFM experience in their life choices as adults
    Thank you C FM
    Let me know about the books?
  • This looks great. Easy to navigate and see all our great stuff. Love all the pictures and the inclusion of leader materials in the materials menu. Thanks for posting the 2016 Convention info! We’ll be able to link to registration and the ICCFM site when it is up later this month. Hope this goes live in time for me to show the DRE I am meeting on Jan 20.