hayrideB.jpgAmbassadors grow our movement locally & nationally.

Ambassadors mentor CFM group leaders, increase membership and enhance members’ experience.

Ambassadors share their special talents and skills with National Board Members to further CFM’s Mission.

Volunteer to share your love for CFM by becoming a CFM Ambassador.

Share this flyer with Potential Ambassadors.

Contact Presidents Mary Ann and Brian Thelen at

Training and Support is provided. If you have experienced personal or spiritual growth through CFM, please consider how God might be calling you to spread the good news. If you have been an action group leader, you can be an ambassador!!! We need people like you to go out into the countryside and share your experience. Ambassadors can start new groups or be a local resource for existing groups. Consider how God might be calling you to the next step. Today’s society needs CFM more than ever. Living out a Christ-centered marriage and family life is a serious challenge in our society. CFM uses a practical, grassroots and “easy to implement” format to support marriage and family. We CAN make a difference. Are we willing? Thanks for considering this important mission.

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