Leader Materials

Leader Training Materials  


CFM aims to support its local leaders by providing this information to train and guide group leaders as they shepherd their members. Additional support and resources can be obtained by contacting the National Office: director@cfm.org 

Get Organized!

Here is some information that may help you plan your CFM year: 
  • Tips for Successful Virtual and Social-Distancing meetings

  • Invite families to a kick-off meeting to meet each other and register for CFM.

  • Before the kickoff, create a calendar for your meetings so that people can plan ahead to attend regularly.

  • If you plan to meet in homes, have a sign up sheet for people volunteer to host. 

  • Make a list of a few social events, faith-building activities and service ideas for people to consider. What would your folks enjoy doing? Maybe something for Advent and Lent? Think of local ways for helping others in which people of all ages can participate. Ask your parish leaders for guidance.

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