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family-gathering-thanksgiving.jpgYou are invited to join with others who have shared the empowering experience of CFM, by considering a contribution to the Christian Family Movement Foundation. The foundation's sole purpose is to support the continuing mission and work of the Christian Family Movement.

The CFM Foundation makes it possible to easily offer many types of creative cash and non-cash gifts to the movement.

What is the Foundation?

The CFM Foundation will be a perpetual funding source: not-for-profit and tax exempt. Foundation donors are assured their gifts will be perpetual, because the principal of the endowment remains untouched and even grows with a portion of annual earnings. Only a portion of annual earnings will be disbursed and always at direction of the CFM board of directors. It will promote the CFM mission and activities for year upon year to come.

Who manages the Foundation funds?

The opportunity to assure perpetual financial stability for CFM will be facilitated by the Catholic Foundation of Southwestern Indiana, a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization that also manages more than $11million in endowed funds. Annual financial reports are available upon request.

Why can't I just create my own CFM endowment?

You could, but you will likely have attorney and financial management costs when creating an endowment privately. True to the spirit of CFM, this group effort assures a simple, expense-free, community journey, where every dollar grows, because of efficient central management. Also, with the CFM Foundation, a gift of any size is acceptable. In creating a private fund, there are certain minimums.

Your gift, working with the gifts of others, allows the endowment to achieve advantageous investing and cost-efficient management, reaping rewards beyond the size of any single gift.

How can I give?

You may choose from a variety of planned giving methods--

  1. Naming the CFM Foundation in your will.
  2. Naming the CFM Foundation as a full or partial beneficiary of a life insurance policy or IRA.
  3. Naming the CFM Foundation as a beneficiary of a charitable remainder trust.
  4. Naming the CFM Foundation as the owner of personal property subject to the requirement of your life estate.
  5. Offering a cash donation to the fund. To give online, click here.
  6. Other giving methods may include naming the Christian Family Movement as a beneficiary or owner of annuities, personal property, stock, IRAs and other pension plans.

Contact [email protected] for more information.

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