Forming Your Parish into a Family of Families

Pastors and Parish Leaders, are you looking for a way to help families find enriching activities and meaningful, faith-building experiences - without overburdening your parish schedule? With your encouragement and direction, your parishioners can make CFM happen. CFM helps you form lay leaders.

The Christian Family Movement has the tools that you and your parish staff can give to potential lay leaders who can collaborate with you to launch any number of small groups in the CFM model. 

The Christian Family Movement (CFM) works collaboratively with the ordained and those in ministry, to sanctify our communities - from nuclear families to Church families to the human family. Founded on the Observe-Judge-Act Method, CFM creates community, strengthens families, forms homemade disciples and teaches social responsibility. CFM is training for lay leadership. It usually starts with the families who are at the core of the parish because these are likely to be the people capable of getting it rolling. Put us in touch with one couple and we'll get them started!

Letter to the Pastor

Value of CFM for Parishes Kansas_CFM_action_2019.jpg

CFM provides what young families are looking for:

  • Like-minded community.
  • An intentional and consistent way to share life.
  • A way to achieve their family’s goals.
  • A platform to discuss important topics.

What can CFM do for you?

  • Serve as a bridge between the Parish Church and the domestic church.
  • Pastors/chaplains get a chance to experience the reality of family life.
  • CFM members activate your parish.
  • CFM forms parishes into a family of families.

Learn more about CFM!

How Do Parishes Get Started with CFM?

  • Contact the National Office for free help organizing CFM.

  • Experienced CFM members can meet with you by phone, Zoom, or visit your parish in person.

  • Identify a core group of parishioners who invite their friends to try CFM.

  • No licensing fees to parish; no contracts. Parishioners join CFM for $10/family; renew annually for $40/family. All materials are free to members.


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