Start a New Group

Starting a CFM group is easy.  El_Paso_Group_3_2019.jpg

Contact CFM National Office for resources and assistance. We are here to help!

Talk with your pastor about starting this small group ministry for marriage and family enrichment. Assure him that it won’t be extra work for him. Here is a letter to share with your pastor. 

Invite a few couples or single parents you know -- or whom you keep running into on Sundays -- to join you.

Promote. Run a bulletin announcement to invite more couples. The starter kit includes a sample invitation letter and sample bulletin announcements. Here is a brief description of CFM to share. You might also share the FAQ page from our website if they have more questions.

Choose your program book.

Join CFM and order books or a Starter Kit of 4 copies of the same book.

See Testimonies from families and clergy describing CFM here and here.

Flyers, posters and more: Download and print at Promotional Materials.

Start meeting regularly. We recommend meeting weekly or twice a month for the first four sessions to help new groups to bond. Our program guides make it easy for anyone to facilitate a meeting, including prayer, scripture reflection, faith sharing, discussion questions, and action ideas on topics relevant to Christian families.

This short booklet gives you all the details - Leader Manual for Starting a CFM Chapter


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