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Drink Deep

Third Sunday of Lent -- John 4: 5-42

In the Gospel story this Sunday, Jesus encounters someone from the Samaritan cultural group, those "other" people who were not like "us." This particular Samaritan was a woman, and not a "nice" woman, to boot. She had had many husbands, but she was living a lonely life. Even her neighbors avoided her company. Jesus sees straight into her parched and aching heart. He offers her Living Water and fullness of life in him. Here's a prime example of how meeting Jesus changes everything! 

Jesus helped the woman at the well to recognize how much she was thirsting for true love. How often we settle for a dried up version of life! We avoid meeting new people, particularly those who may be somehow different from us. We stay away from new ideas, new foods, or new ways of thinking that are unfamiliar. We keep to our own safe move of living and miss fresh surprises. Sometimes we linger in a long-term bad relationship or toxic friendship, just because change is even more frightening. Getting free from deadening situations or comfortable prejudices can be painful, but iti is the only way to live life to the full life that Jesus offers.

Who has drawn living water for you? Think of an experience in our life when barriers were broken down and grace emerged. Where or to whom do you go to be refreshed?

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