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Certain areas of this site are for members who are Signed-in.  If you completed the membership form within the past year, you are a member.  If you are not yet a member, please go to Join/Renew.  

The first time you Sign-in, you will need to "Create" your on-line account. We hope that the instructions below will help you the first time you Sign-in.

If you want to download Program books, after sign in, go to Resources for Members, then Program Books. Choose your book to download.


To get started, you can Sign-in with your Facebook or Twitter account.  Or choose the option on the right hand side to “Create an account”.  Use the email address that you used to register as a CFM member.  In our membership database, your family record includes yourself and your spouse.  Therefore, if you are a renewing member, it’s possible that the primary email address in our records is that of your spouse.   So, if you "Create an account" and don’t receive an email with an Account Activation link, look at your spouse’s email accounts to see if the Activation link was sent there.

Once your account is Activated, you shouldn’t have to re-activate.  The next time you want to renew membership, pay an invoice, make a donation in support of CFM, or download programs, you will first sign-in using your email (or use Facebook or Twitter sign in).

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Please contact Lauri Przybysz if you have any trouble with sign-in: or 1-800-581-9824.