Attention to Detail

IMG_7811.JPGAt Home with Our Faith

Matthew 10:26-33

How do you imagine God? Is God the CEO of earth, grand and only concerned with the Big Issues of life, like birth, death, and taxes? Even though we profess to be Jesus' disciples, we sometimes act like we are on our own to muddle through life. We think we can get by with extra careful planning, or by working harder, or just by luck, without getting God involved. Do we think that God doesn't deal with the small stuff? This Sunday's gospel urges us to believe otherwise.

"Fear not," Jesus says. "If you are one of my people, my Father is your Father." Father God is into the details. Every hair of our heads, every little sparrow, every thing that could frighten or trick us: God has got it covered. God is not too big to rejoice with us when we find our lost bank statement or too lofty to calm our fear of flying the first time, or too mighty to climb into the car with us and help us navigate when we are lost. God is with us.

What "little" details in your life need God's attention now? Ask for his help.

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