Being litte

IMG_7776.JPGAt Home with Our Faith

Matthew 10:37-42

Jesus assures us, "If you give one of these little ones a cup of water because that one is a disciple, you has be rewarded." Who are the little ones among us in our parishes? Kids come to mind first. Think of the scene in church on Sunday and think of some of our little ones: Toddlers squirming out of Dad's arms, infants snoozing blissfully, infants wailing, preteens with slick hair from the last minute shower. How are we welcoming them? How accepting are we? Yet, aren't we all little in some way?

Discovering how we are "little" lets us accept God's grace. We may be a little shy, a little self-conscious, a little wounded. Each of us is getting a little older every day, and we all need a little help. We often have little patience, or little hope, or little peace in our families. We struggle to overcome some of these obstacles, and God wants to help us. God wants to give us that Living Water he promises. We may have only a little faith, but it will be enough to allow God to come to us in the kindness of our brothers and sisters in the Christian community. 

Who needs your patient understanding today?

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