Families Choose Life - Table of Contents



1. Living in Christ
Christian families find meaning in life, affirm the goodness of life, and trust in God

2. Giving and Nurturing Life
Bringing new life into the world, parents pass on the faith to the next generation.

3. From Beginning to End 

Catholic teaching links pro-life issues under the belief in the dignity of the human person.

4. Special People, Special Gifts 
Re-examining our attitudes about people with special needs and learning how to act to appreciate their gifts and to promote their well-being.
5. Beyond Our Doorsteps 
Christian families care for and help the children of the Body of Christ.
6. To Your Health
A life in Christ is characterized by joy, which brings physical benefits.
7. Choosing Kindness 
Christians must look for ways to act with kindness to those who are alone and in trouble.
8. Age and Grace 
Maturity in our faith is the key to maintaining a good life and sharing our wisdom with others.
9. Life is Changed, Not Ended 
Life in Christ teaches us to approach death with hope and compassion.
10. Eternal Life – (Faith of Generations) 
Those who have gone before us in faith continue to have communion with us. We celebrate their lives in a family prayer service.
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