Christmas Isn't Over Yet

Epiphany means the revelation of God. During Jesus’ life, there are many other “epiphany” moments: The Baptism of the LordDepositphotos_52700959_m-2015.jpg (which marks the end of the Christmas season), the Wedding Feast at Cana, the Transfiguration, the Resurrection appearances. Epiphanies prompt God’s people to say in astonishment: “We saw the Lord!”

With the Wise Men, we proclaim: “We have seen his star at its rising!” The Epiphany is the climax of all gift-giving, because it was on this day the three kings or Wise Men brought their gifts to the Christ-Child in Bethlehem. We bring our gifts of beauty to share with one another and to honor our Lord, the King of all Kings.

Celebrate the Epiphany at Home: 

Gather your family or your CFM group to celebrate the Revelation of the Lord. Here are some ideas for your party:

Give each person a crown to wear.

Instruct each person to bring one thing of beauty to share with the others -- a poem, reading, picture, song, record, dance -- that they feel is a high point in human expression.

ALL stand around some designation of Christ: a crib, cross, or perhaps simply facing east.

Read the Epiphany story in the gospel according to Matthew 2:1-12.

Pause for silent reflection.

LEADER: “So now you see why you have all brought gifts, and gifts that represent the most precious and lovely things that mankind has to offer. The Magi brought symbols of the most noble and spiritual tribute that can be paid by man to representing love; frankincense, worship and prayer, and myrrh, the spiritual value of pain and suffering.”

The "gifts" which the guests have brought are presented here.

LEADER: “We have seen His star in the east, and have come with gifts to adore the Lord.”

ALL repeat: “We have seen His star in the east, and have come with gifts to adore the Lord.”

LEADER: Tell about another time you saw the Lord.

ALL have an opportunity to share an epiphany moment.

Closing Prayer from the Collect of the Epiphany Mass: “O God, who on this day by the leading of a star didst manifest Thine only-begotten Son to the Gentiles, mercifully grant that we who know Thee now by faith, may be brought to the contemplation of the beauty of Thy majesty. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.”

LEADER: Let us praise the Lord!

All: And give him thanks!

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