Easter Encounter

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Easter - April 16, 2017

Hidden in the upper room, the disciples may have tried to console themselves that Jesus' great moral teaching would live on after him. The poor would surely take heart from his holy memory. Maybe they even started a five-year plan to spread Jesus' teachings to other cities. Or maybe they were wondering how to get their fishing boats back. Just when all seemed lost, Mary burst in with astonishing news: "I have met the Lord!"

The fact that Jesus is alive changes everything. Now we know that death is not the end. We know that God keeps promises. We know that we are precious in God's eyes. It is not Jesus' teaching or example or well-trained disciples that made Christianity reach to the ends of the earth. It is Jesus himself. The experience of encountering the risen Lord quickens the hearts of his followers and gets their feet moving. Our faith is not in a set of rules or a code of conduct, but in a Living Person. When Christ makes himself known to us, by God's gracious gift and in God's own time, we cannot deny it. Christ is risen, indeed!

Has your faith till now been focused only on following Jesus' teaching? Do you want to meet the Risen Lord? He has been waiting. Invite him now.

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