Embracing the Mission TOC

Table of Contents ETM_Cover_Image.jpg

1. Called to Be Disciples:
Living, professing and bearing witness to our faith

2. Forming Our Families to Be Disciples:
Following our calling as Domestic Church

3. The Everyday Vocation of the Lay Disciple:
Becoming missionaries and catechists by and in our laboring life

Family & Community Meeting: Working Together*

4. Transforming Discipleship through Education and Action:
Clarifying the mission through Observe, Judge, Ac

5. The Disciple’s Call to Serve:
Learning to help one another with love and discernment

6. Disciples as Forgiven Forgivers:
Renewal through repentance, remembrance, and reconciliation

7. Solidarity: The Global Dimension of Discipleship:
Engaging the world outside our immediate community

Family & Community Meeting: The Hunger Banquet*

8. Called to Be Disciples, Together with Other Families:
Nurturing our CFM community and helping it to grow

Family & Community Meeting for Summer: Caring for God’s Creation*  

*About Family and Community Meetings:

Family & Community Meetings included in this book are optional. Groups may decide to schedule them at any time of the year, although some chapters suggest them as actions. These meeting plans are offered as models. Individual CFM action groups may wish to create a somewhat different event. The main focus is to engage the whole family and to invite perspective CFM members, both from the parish and from other parishes, to join and get a feel for the Christian Family Movement.

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