Hold that hoe

Seedlings.jpgAt Home with Our Faith

Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Matthew 13: 24-43

In the Gospel parable, weeds grow among the wheat, and the wise gardener lets them be. Pulling them out abruptly will do more harm than good. We are like the gardener when we have patience with others. If we accept each son or daughter, each new in-law and out-law as he or she is, we may be surprised how they bless us. In our workplace or parish community also, we are called to tenderly care for every member without prejudice.


If we prejudge someone who is different, what hidden talents might we be missing? If we are too quick to judge someone, they may never have the chance to change from week to wheat for us. Given time and encouragement, the bossy man may develop into a wise leader. The brash teenager may become the steady youth director. The woman who talked too much may prove to be a faithful friend. Rather than demand perfection of each person, we can just welcome them and hope for the best. Though a certain untidiness will exist among us, we will all grow together. Better to leave the sorting out to the Lord.

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