In Plain Sight

puzzle heartFourth Sunday of Lent -- John 9:1, 6-9, 13-17, 34-38

The man born blind cries, "I see!" and yet it will take time before he can really see who Jesus is. His neighbors, used to seeing him as a helpless and hopeless beggar, cant be sure it's the same man when they "see" him healed and full of hope. The so-called wise authorities prefer not to see  that a miracle has taken place. They close their eyes to the Light that Jesus is bringing into the world. Closed hearts can be more blind than sightless eyes. 

Being members of the Christian Family Movement teaches us to see the world in a deeper, more insightful way that prompts us to take action--we call it Observe, Judge, Act. Our eyes become trained to see beneath the surface, beyond appearances. For Lent, let us ask for new eyes.

Learning to Observe trains us in compassion. We can assume we know what motivates people, but a closer look can open our eyes to what really make people act the way that they do. The power of Christ's love can correct our vision, and we can see others as Jesus does. It's like receiving new eyes--eyes of faith. Then we can see the desperate needs of people we thought had no need of us. Then we recognize the fear of rejection in the standoffish neighbor. We discover our similarities with strangers whose speech and customs are foreign. We perceive how a child's annoying whining is really a plea for a warm hug. The "tough guy" is unmasked; the "hard case" shows his vulnerability; the "bad girl" reveals her broken heart. If we ask for these new eyes, we will see who needs our love. 

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