Life preserver

Heart earthAt Home with Our Faith

Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time- Matthew 14: 22-33

When Peter and the disciples saw Jesus coming toward him across the stormy lake, they were terrified. They hadn't seen this side of Jesus before. Up until this point in their relationship with him, they had no idea that he had such awesome power over the forces of nature. They had underestimated him. Who was this guy?

Deep in our hearts, we may feel afraid of Jesus, too. What will Jesus ask of us if we become more devoted disciples? What will we have to give up? Will our friends and family turn against us? It is tempting to keep Jesus at arm's length, practicing our religious duties but never letting the Lord reveal his great power in our lives. If we do not allow Jesus to come closer to us, what will we do when we suddenly find ourselves drowning? Unlike the frightened disciples in the boat that day, we have the benefit of knowing the whole story of Jesus Christ. He has proven his desire to calm our seas and keep us afloat.

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