The Family - A Revelation of God's Love

Deepen your appreciation of the roles that you and your family are called to carry out as active members of God’s family. As CFM groups journeys together through the 8 meetings, they will explore the ways in Family Revelation cover which God’s love is revealed to the world through families, both through the Holy Family of Nazareth and through their own families. We trust that you will be inspired and called to action by the meeting themes found in this guide. 

1. Our Families: God’s Tool in Modeling His Love to Others

2. Our Families: Messy at Times, Yet Loved by God

3. The CFM Family: A Family of Families in a Parish

4. The CFM Family: Making Life Choices by Informing our Conscience

5. The Christian Family: An Epiphany of God’s Unconditional Love to the World

6. The Christian Family: A School of Faith, Hope, Love and Charity

7. The CFM Family: Witnessing God’s Eternal Love in the 21st Century

8. The CFM Family: Living the OJA Lifestyle

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