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November 15, 2020 – Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time - Matthew 25:14-30

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If you want investment advice, go to God, Inc. or God’s No one has had more insight, experience and success (although possibly a few failures) than God’s divine investment firm. And its investment portfolio includes all of us, including you and me.

As today’s gospel states it, each of us have been given a variety of talents. In ancient times “talents” also referred to currency, but here let’s think of them as God’s gifts of knowledge, skills, opportunities and the like. Basically, we are being encouraged in this gospel parable to use our God-given talents as fully as we can.

When it comes to the matters of talents, the idea that “one size fits all” should be set aside. We each possess uniqueness. We each have a singular package of talents, especially created for us. Added to this, we each have a unique history. Our life stories are incomparable to others. We may face similar opportunities and challenges, but we react in distinctly unique ways. That’s why we are called persons and not things. Things can be alike. Persons are all different.

And that’s clearly the way God wanted it to be. God encourages us to act in accord with our calling. We each have what might be called “a personal vocation” that is supported by the talents God has given to each of us.

God desires that we should take what we have been given and develop it in our own way. Put your stamp on your life. Don’t be afraid to take chances. Don’t be fearful of being different. In fact, to do otherwise would be an affront to God’s genius in creating each of us as unique “images of God.”

We may play similar roles but we each do so in our own manner. Think of the family. Not only are there mothers and fathers, but often kids – each of whom are unique. There may be an appearance of similarities in each family, but if you ask its family members, they will tell you of how different each one is.

A good reflection on this gospel would be for each one of us to list our personal talents. And then recall the ways we have used, and even developed them throughout our lives. I believe that God is quite interested in what we would include in our personal list of talents because such a list is partly created by God’s own infinite imagination.

©David M. Thomas, PhD

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