What Your Donation Can Do

Donations Currently Support:2c_by_fence.jpg

Travel fund - for expanding the mission.  Enable board members and area leaders to attend board meetings, especially young people.

Printed materials 

Promotional materials – magnets, t-shirts, visors, advertising

Shipping costs

Part-time National Office staff

CFM Wish list - With increased donations, we could do so much more!


  • Funds for updating our website, keeping ourselves current with the way people interact
  • Funds for maintaining print materials for those who still prefer them, but moving forward with digital availability for the current generation (program, etc.)
  • Funds to get professional video – Intro to CFM, testimonies, “how to” snippets for leader training
  • Expertise for helping people find us on the internet when searching for family ministry, social justice, etc – (search engine optimization)
  • Getting our website secure so we can distribute our materials digitally without losing control of our materials
  • Funds to catalog our materials digitally and cross-reference them by topic
  • Funds for conference call subscription

Professional Marketing  

  • There is nothing like CFM so we have a lot to offer but right now we are lost in the multitude.
  • Funds to pay for extra touches, like personal notes, anniversary messages, etc.
  • Funds for more mailings:  promotional materials, etc.  People still like to have some things in their hands.  As things become more digital, print may be more uncommon and actually be looked at more. 
  • Funds for professional help with “how to materials” for groups to replicate themselves efficiently

Travel Fund

  • Networking dedicated volunteers
  • Sponsor members who want to serve on the national board or attend family life assemblies


  • Funds for prizes/awards for innovative groups (maybe t-shirts, sling bags, banners, a family retreat, etc). 
  • Periodic CFM spirit contests.  eg. The group that displays their CFM magnets or wears their gear in a prominent, creative way wins a prize. People could submit Instagram pictures.
  • Funds for professional help to set up a succession plan for the board
  • Funds for professional help with grant writing, fundraising, etc.
  • Funds to offer a part time chaplain with the heart for family and the movement who would also help us promote the mission and inspire/review our program materials

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