Works of Mercy

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This program invites families to grow in faith by putting Christian love into action as mercy-workers using the Observe-Judge-Act method. Each chapter addresses one or more of the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy through prayer, Scripture reflection and social inquiry. In the course of the social inquiry, families observe their experiences and the experiences of their neighbors, far and near. Then, judge these experiences in light of Christ’s teaching. Actions are suggested which put our faith to work transforming homes, parishes, and communities through love, service, education, and example. It is in confronting seemingly overwhelming problems such as hunger and homelessness, in reaching out to those who are experiencing doubt, and in offering our prayers for others that we answer our call to Christian discipleship. And, it is in the everyday acts of love within our homes, neighborhoods, and churches that we are mercy-workers. We put our faith into practice by answering a child’s call for a drink in the middle of the night, comforting a grieving neighbor, or donating clothing to a family dealing with the consequences of a devastating fire. This book will challenge and support families striving to live the Gospel every day responding with Works of Mercy, Acts of Love. Click here for the Table of Contents.  Join/Renew and order as part of your Membership Donation.